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2022 Visiting Scientists Arrive at MDIBL

Dr. Augustin is Professor of Vascular Biology at the Medical Faculty Mannheim of Heidelberg University and Founding Director of the European Center of Angioscience. He will be at MDIBL from April 18-21 for an initial visit with Dr. Hermann Haller and other MDIBL faculty. Dr. Augustin’s research interests are focused primarily on identifying the molecular…

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Shaping Maine’s Scientific Future

Earlier this month, MDI Biological Laboratory’s President, Dr. Hermann Haller, addressed those attending Eggs & Issues, the Portland (Maine) Chamber of Commerce’s premier breakfast event. As guest speaker, Dr Haller reflected on shaping the scientific future of our beautiful state, and the hard work that MDIBL is engaging in to create world-class education and training opportunities…

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There is Always Something New: A COVID-19 Update

Dear MDIBL Community, As if the epidemic by itself and the last Delta virus have not been enough, we now have Omicron. This new variant of the virus was first sequenced in South Africa in November and tends to be more contagious than the Delta variant. This by itself is a cause of concern. Although…

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National Kidney Month

March is #NationalKidneyMonth and we’re celebrating MDI Biological Laboratory’s longstanding and close connection to renal physiology, starting with Homer Smith, D. Sc., (1895-1962) the renowned scientist who made many significant contributions to the field – including identifying how the kidney works. He spent a period of his career at MDIBL and his determination and curiosity…

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New Horizons for the Treatment of Diabetic Complications

Chronic complications of diabetes are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality not only in the western world but worldwide. The metabolic changes caused by diabetes, especially hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels), can lead over time to damage in the circulation system of the diabetic patient. Subsequent ischemia (inadequate blood supply reaching organs) occurs, as…

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Women In Science Day 2021 – Olivia Aries

To mark Women in Science Day on February 11, 2021, we’re sharing the stories of female scientists, past and present, at the MDI Biological Laboratory. Olivia Aries: Making Her Own Path The global pandemic has upended all aspects of life, and millions of college students have had their education disrupted, deferred, or differ drastically from…

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From the Bench to the Bedside – A Long Affair with Diabetic Nephropathy

All my life I have been interested in studying the complications of diabetes. Diabetes has two sides: on the one hand it is a metabolic disorder that effects glucose levels, and the metabolism is treated by medications that lower glucose. On the other hand, over time diabetes leads to damaging changes in the vascular bed,…

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Looking to 2021 – How Your Gift Will Boost Scientific Discovery

  It’s hard to believe that we’re once again approaching a new season — when fall’s bright colors fade to usher in the inevitable Maine winter. During this tumultuous year, nature has had a calming influence on me. It’s reassuring to know that time and the seasons march determinedly forward, regardless of circumstance. And so…

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This is Why: The Fundamental Importance of Science

Recently, the relevance of MDI president, Dr. Hermann Haller’s own research on glycocalyx, the dense layer of sugars, proteins and lipids that cover every cell in our body, took on unexpected relevance in the fight against COVID-19.

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