MDI Biological Laboratory

Graduate and Professional Programs

MDI Bio Lab partners with degree-granting institutions in Maine, the U.S. and abroad to provide world-class biomedical research experience to young and early-career scientists. Fellows are valued members of MDI Bio Lab’s research community who have full access to our faculty and state-of-the-art biotech tools

Graduate and Post-Graduate Fellows

MDI Bio Lab offers full and part-time research opportunities for students of biomedical science and related disciplines from the U.S. and around the world.

Fellows conduct research at MDI Bio Lab for master’s and doctoral degrees as well as post-doctoral work while embedded in the laboratories of our senior faculty leaders in developmental biology, aging studies, and regenerative biology.

Current fellows come from as far away as Turkey, Nigeria, Spain, France and Germany, and as near as Dover-Foxcroft and Ellsworth, Maine. They are an integral part of our research enterprise.

Our graduate programs are conducted in partnership with several degree-granting institutions, including the University of Maine’s Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering in Orono, the University of Maine’s Department of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences, Germany’s Hannover Medical School and the University of Toulouse.

MDI Bio Lab’s relatively small size provides a unique and intimate backdrop for collaboration, mentoring and sharing of knowledge, away from the sometimes-overwhelming circumstances of life in big academic institutions or for-profit companies.


The MDI Bio Lab Fellowship Experience

Graduate and post-doctoral fellows collaborate with 10 research teams who are using our unique array of animal models to explore the fundamental biology of aging and regeneration at the cellular, molecular and genetic levels.

Our favorable student to faculty ratio means that students benefit from support that will set them up for success in next stage of their careers. They also tap into our network of visiting faculty mentors from around the globe who conduct short-term research programs and seminars here.

And working with our subsidiary, MDI Bioscience, they can gain experience in an entrepreneurial startup that’s creating more efficient ways to screen new compounds and drugs for medical benefits and unwanted side-effects.

Fellows have full access to our state-of-the art scientific equipment, from world-class confocal microscopy to CRISPR gene-editing systems and the computational firepower of our Data Science Core. And they can explore the new possibilities for discovery with our unique array of non-mammalian models for human health, such as zebrafish, C. elegans roundworms, axolotl (Mexican salamanders), human cell-derived organoids and in-silico systems.

Graduate and postdoctoral fellows can further expand their vision of a science-oriented career through development workshops and one-on-one interactions with visitors from industry, education, government, journalism, and the legal profession.


Life at MDI Bio Lab

Our historic, 100-year-old campus on Maine’s rugged coast is informal and inspiring.

Situated near Acadia National Park, the area offers countless recreational opportunities; scenic mountain hiking, superb on and off-road biking, swimming, fishing, sailing, kiteboarding and paddleboarding right from the campus dock. 
Graduate fellows frequently live in group housing on campus, although some opt for accommodation on the island or nearby Ellsworth.

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For more information about graduate and post-doctoral fellowships and the application process, contact our Education Department.