MDI Biological Laboratory

Art Meets Science

The Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDI Bio Lab) has been a center of scientific excellence on the coast of Maine for over 125 years. Our approach, seeking answers within the natural world, paired with a deep understanding of the scientific process, defines the MDI Bio Lab. 

Our scientists work collaboratively to understand the secrets of how nature works and to apply that understanding to improve the human condition. Our work is focused on discovering novel cellular and molecular mechanisms of disease and translating our basic research discoveries into potential therapies.

Making the Secrets of Nature Visible: Science and Art,” the 2024 theme of our Art Meets Science program, is centered on the belief that both art and science offer legitimate ways to better comprehend our world. Discerning the differences and similarities between the artistic process and the scientific method helps refine our research strategies and better communicate our work.

2024 Events

Art Meets Science events are open to our Star Point Society members. Recordings of our online programs are available on our YouTube channel.

Art Meets Science Online Lecture
January 24, 2024 and February 28, 2024

Join President Hermann Haller, M.D., internationally acclaimed physician scientist and skilled art historian, online to kick off our 2024 Art Meets Science programming. We will discuss the unique role art plays in documenting scientific history and conduct a cultural and visual analysis of the works of Mathias Gruenwald and Albrecht Durer through the lens of disease and medicine in the sixteenth century.

Art Meets Science Museum Tours
Washington D.C. March 25, 2024 or New York April 5, 2024

Join  President Hermann Haller, M.D., internationally acclaimed physician scientist and skilled art historian, for a personalized museum tour and luncheon. We'll discuss the lessons art can impart and the unique role these rich images play in documenting our scientific history. For more information or to register, please email

Michael Takeo Magruder Campus Visit

August 18-23, 2024

Michael Takeo Magruder is MDI Bio Lab's 2024-2025 artist in residence. Working in collaboration with our faculty and staff, his original MDI Bio Lab inspired project will result in an installation on campus next year. Michael's artwork combines digitized, data-rich imagery with the details of exhibition spaces (whether real-world or virtual) to create thought-provoking aesthetic experiences. Stay tuned for details on Michael's next visit to campus in August.

Visit Michael Takeo Magruder's website
Art Meets Science Dinner
August 21, 2024

Star Point Society Leadership Council members are invited to an intimate dinner with Dr. Hermann Haller and artist in residence Michael Takeo Magruder to hear about their collaboration. For more information or to register, please email

Previous Art Meets Science Exhibitions

2023: Branches from the Same Tree

Scientific images are often visually stunning, but their value, while enormous, is typically relegated to serving as a scientific tool. Pairing selections from the MDI Biological Laboratory’s scientific imagery and artwork by contemporary artists, this exhibition will examine concepts of visual representation, the process of creation and the meanings imparted by both their creators and viewers.