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Coffman Lab Awarded $449k for Collaborative Research on Arsenic and Depression

Using zebrafish to find links between early-life exposure and later effects

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Citizen Scientists Tap Anecdata to Document Climate Change and Inform Action

MDI Bio Lab Systems and Data Experts Chart the Platform’s Value in Maine Policy Review

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Leader, Mentor, Friend: John N. Forrest, Jr., M.D.

The MDI Bio Lab community is remembering one of its most beloved leaders, Dr. John N. Forrest, Jr., M.D., who passed away on March 19. 

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Alum Spotlight

MDI Bio Lab Sparked Cinda Scott’s Life in Science and Education

Cinda Scott, Ph.D., trained at MDI Bio Lab at the turn of the last century. Now she’s running a field-science education program in Panama, while publishing new research on at-risk marine ecosystems and vulnerable communities.

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General News

International New Media Artist in Residency at MDI Bio Lab

Michael Takeo Magruder works at the intersection of art and technology: now he takes on the meeting of art and science at the Lab.

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Murawala Lab Discovers a New Stem Cell

Globe-spanning research project opens new possibilities for regenerative medicine  

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New Findings Shed Light on Mitochondrial Function

Research on mitochondrial function in Drosophila published in the journal Life Science Alliance.

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MDI Bio Lab Scientist Receives $2 Million NIH Grant

Award brings total new research funding in 2023 to more than $8 million

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Courses and Conferences Up and On the Go in 2024

MDI Bio Lab’s 2024 course and conference season is officially underway.

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Pioneering New Kidney-Grafting Techniques

New research published in the journal Bioengineering was led by former visiting scientists Leif Oxburgh, D.V.M., Ph.D. and Denise Marciano, M.D., Ph.D., and the MDI Bio Lab’s Iain Drummond, Ph.D.  Drummond calls the challenge of getting lab-grown kidney tissue to link with an organism's circulatory system and function properly a "plumbing problem." 

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