MDI Biological Laboratory
Disease models and transgenic biosensors
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High throughput screening and advanced imaging
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Early assessment of efficacy and toxicity in whole organisms
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MDI Bioscience

Discovering new medicines is a complex and risky endeavor. Only 1 in 5,000 new discoveries will become an approved drug for addressing human disease. MDI Bioscience works with pharmaceutical companies to introduce novel research models to better inform decision making and improve the rate of successful translation from discovery to product approval.  

About MDI Bioscience

MDI Bioscience combines world-class expertise and non-mammalian disease models for target-based in vivo profiling of new drug compounds in whole organisms. Our assays deliver important data on the efficacy and organ toxicity of early-stage molecules before the initiation of costly and time-consuming mammalian studies. We use state-of-the-art gene-editing approaches like CRISPR to develop custom knock-in and knock-out models and transgenic biosensors in zebrafish, zebrafish larvae, and C. elegans. Assessing these models with high throughput imaging allows for faster screening of a greater number of compounds than would be possible with conventional mammalian models.

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Early-Stage In Vivo Profiling

Custom zebrafish, zebrafish embryos, and C. elegans basic research and lead discovery.

Simulated Biological Systems

Organoids and stem cell-based organ-on-a-chip technologies tailored to your target.

Advanced Bioinformatics

Statistical and multivariate analyses to deliver clear and actionable study data and analysis.

High Throughput Imaging

Rapid screening of large compound libraries and phenotypic drug development.