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Getting the word out about the potentially life-changing work underway at the MDI Biological Laboratory is an honor and a privilege. I’m inspired every day by the dedication and passion of our scientists and students and grateful for the opportunity to share their work with others.

Jerilyn M. Bowers
Director of Development and Public Affairs

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Whether it’s a breakthrough in regenerative medicine or a milestone in our growth, we hope you will stay informed of what’s happening at the MDI Biological Laboratory through our press releases, blog posts, publications and media placements.

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Research at MDI Biological Laboratory Sheds New Light on Effects of Dietary Restriction

In new research, Aric N. Rogers, Ph.D., who studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms of aging at the MDI Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, has discovered that muscle may be a protected tissue under conditions of dietary restriction, or DR.

Dietary restriction, in which calories are restricted without malnutrition, is one of the most robust anti-aging interventions. When confronted with a scarcity of nutrients, an organism conserves resources by lowering the translation, or production, of proteins, which is one of the most energetically expensive processes in the cell. Proteins serve as the building blocks for tissues and organs and perform vital physiological functions.

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First Annual Statewide Research Symposium on Biomedical Science and Engineering

The University of Maine’s Institute of Medicine has announced the First Annual Statewide Research Symposium on Biomedical Science and Engineering, planned for October 13 and 14, 2022. MDI Biological Laboratory is proud to partner with the University of Maine, University of New England, Jackson Laboratory, the Roux Institute, Northern Light Healthcare and Maine Health to…

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There is Always Something New: A COVID-19 Update

Dear MDIBL Community, As if the epidemic by itself and the last Delta virus have not been enough, we now have Omicron. This new variant of the virus was first sequenced in South Africa in November and tends to be more contagious than the Delta variant. This by itself is a cause of concern. Although…

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New Research by Aric Rogers, Ph.D., Sheds Light on the Effects of Dietary Restriction on Muscle Tissue

Consider the following scenarios: In the first, a thin young woman who exercises excessively develops athletic amenorrhea, or stops menstruating, rendering her incapable of bearing children. In the second, a sedentary, overweight girl undergoes menarche at a precociously early age. Aric N. Rogers, Ph.D., who studies aging at the MDI Biological Laboratory, believes these scenarios…

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Bangor Daily News · January 5, 2022

UMaine announces first Statewide Research Symposium on Biomedical Science and Engineering for fall 2022

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Medical Xpress · December 22, 2021

Gene expressions related to DNA changes due to aging found to be related to CpG islands

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The Scientist · December 21, 2021

Aging in Mice Linked to Misexpression of Class of Genes

Genes lacking a particular structure known as CpG islands tend to go haywire in older cells, a study finds, potentially contributing to key facets of aging. But it’s not yet clear if the relationship is causal.

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Bar Harbor, Maine · January 22, 2022

Novel research clarifies new key player in the body’s response to stress

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Bar Harbor, Maine · December 13, 2021

MDI Biological Laboratory Awarded Grant to Advance Cloud Computing in Maine

Access to Sophisticated Computing Capability Will Accelerate Pace of Biomedical Discovery

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Bar Harbor, Maine · November 29, 2021

World renowned author and anti-salmon farming activist Alexandra Morton to give special presentation for Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory

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Breaking Through Fall 2020

Using Big Data to Extend Healthy Lifespan

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