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Getting the word out about the potentially life-changing work underway at the MDI Biological Laboratory is an honor and a privilege. I’m inspired every day by the dedication and passion of our scientists and students and grateful for the opportunity to share their work with others.

Jerilyn M. Bowers
Director of Development and Public Affairs

MDI Biological Laboratory News

Whether it’s a breakthrough in regenerative medicine or a milestone in our growth, we hope you will stay informed of what’s happening at the MDI Biological Laboratory through our press releases, blog posts, publications and media placements.

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MDI Biological Laboratory launches new drug discovery initiative

MDI Bioscience will improve efficiency and better inform early decision-making in drug development. Led by Jim Strickland, a biopharma entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience, MDI Bioscience will utilize MDIBL's expertise in comparative biology to develop new tools to speed the drug discovery process and minimize the risks involved in bringing new drugs to market.

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HoL1day Tree

Hannah Somers, a research assistant in the Rollins lab, created this composite image of L1 C. elegans. C. elegans have four larval stages before adulthood – L1 is the first larval stage after hatching. These images were taken to understand how intermittent fasting impacts L1 C. elegans and protein translation rates. L1 C. elegans enter an ageless state of arrest when fasted, making…

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Kidney Disease

Haller Honored in Germany

Among Germany’s nephrological academics, Franz Volhard is a 20th century figure comparable to the U.S. kidney researcher Homer Smith (himself a venerated MDIBL leader), with numerous honors given in their names. Haller has already received two previous awards named after Volhard: the 1994 Franz Volhard Prize of the German Society of Nephrology, and the 2000…

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Giving Tuesday at MDIBL

Meet Marko Pende, Ph.D., a postdoctoral researcher in the Murawala lab at MDI Biological Laboratory. Marko investigates limb regeneration in axolotls, and is also an award-winning science photographer who’s inventing new ways to “clear” sample tissues, making them transparent for easier viewing. This fall, with his colleagues in the Light Microscopy Facility, Pende is building…

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Discover Magazine · October 31, 2022

This Citizen Science Project Is Taking On Roadkill — and Potentially Saving Animals

Project Roadkill Reports asks volunteers to note where they see roadkill to one day design better policies to prevent animals from getting struck by vehicles.

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Mount Desert Islander · October 29, 2022

Free home-test kits available to test well water for arsenic

Bar Harbor Health Officer Mike Gurtler is leading a new effort to test all the town’s residential wells for arsenic. Free home-test kits will be available at the municipal building.

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Fox 22 WFVX Bangor · October 26, 2022

Bar Harbor partners with community to test all wells for arsenic

BAR HARBOR — The town of Bar Harbor is teaming up with the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory and the Conners Emerson school in advising members of the community to test their wells.

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Regenerative Biology
Bar Harbor, Maine · November 7, 2022

Scientists Reveal an Unexpected Gene in Worms

Human homolog in C. elegans opens new research window for diseases such as ALS and Alzheimer’s

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Bar Harbor, Maine · October 13, 2022

Citizens, Students and Scientists Team Up for Bar Harbor Arsenic Project

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Bar Harbor, Maine · September 18, 2022

MDI Biological Laboratory hires new communications chief

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