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Getting the word out about the potentially life-changing work underway at the MDI Biological Laboratory is an honor and a privilege. I’m inspired every day by the dedication and passion of our scientists and students and grateful for the opportunity to share their work with others.

Jerilyn M. Bowers
Director of Development and Public Affairs

MDI Biological Laboratory News

Whether it’s a breakthrough in regenerative medicine or a milestone in our growth, we hope you will stay informed of what’s happening at the MDI Biological Laboratory through our press releases, blog posts, publications and media placements.

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MDI Biological Laboratory launches new drug discovery initiative

MDI Bioscience will improve efficiency and better inform early decision-making in drug development. Led by Jim Strickland, a biopharma entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience, MDI Bioscience will utilize MDIBL's expertise in comparative biology to develop new tools to speed the drug discovery process and minimize the risks involved in bringing new drugs to market.

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Senator Collins’ Support for Science Honored in D.C., Applauded in Maine

Federal funding for MDI Bio Lab, JAX and Bigelow is vital for their work

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Microscopy in Focus for Maine INBRE Students

Students and young science faculty from all around Maine converged on MDI Bio Lab’s campus for an intensive 10-day course on the use of the most modern microscopy of the day.

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MDI Bio Lab and the Roux Institute Join Forces to Boost Maine’s Biotech Workforce

Sharing faculty and resources to train a new generation of scientists 

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Mainebiz · August 28, 2023

We’re seeing a remarkable moment in Maine’s bioscience community

Maine’s bioscience community is working overtime to raise its profile in the world of life sciences. And that is coinciding with a remarkable moment in biology, technology and medicine.

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ESIP · June 20, 2023

Meet 2023 Raskin Scholar Alexis Garretson

The 2023 Raskin Scholar is Alexis Garretson from the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) at Tufts University where she studies evolutionary biology.

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The University of Maine GSBSE · May 17, 2023

Cory Johnson, Ph.D. — GSBSE Graduating Student Spotlight

Cory Johnson, Ph.D., a Haller lab postdoc, shares what it's like to participate in the GSBSE program at the University of Maine.

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Bar Harbor, Maine · May 17, 2023

Accomplished molecular biologist to lead new group at MDI Biological Laboratory

Halyna Shcherbata, Ph.D., studies molecular and genetic mechanisms of muscular dystrophies and brain disease

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Regenerative Biology
Bar Harbor, Maine · March 30, 2023

NIH Awards $11.3 million for UMaine/MDI Bio Lab Research Partnership

More than $1 million is for work in the laboratory of MDI Bio Lab’s Romain Madelaine, Ph.D., to research muscle regeneration

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Drug Discovery
Bar Harbor, Maine · December 23, 2022

$600k for MDI Biological Laboratory Startup included in Congressional Spending Bill

Initiative Will Speed Drug Development with Unique Animal Models for Human Health

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