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Getting the word out about the potentially life-changing work underway at the MDI Biological Laboratory is an honor and a privilege. I’m inspired every day by the dedication and passion of our scientists and students and grateful for the opportunity to share their work with others.

Jerilyn M. Bowers
Director of Development and Public Affairs

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Whether it’s a breakthrough in regenerative medicine or a milestone in our growth, we hope you will stay informed of what’s happening at the MDI Biological Laboratory through our press releases, blog posts, publications and media placements.

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MDI Biological Laboratory Scientist Identifies Process Critical to Kidney Function

A team led by Iain Drummond, Ph.D., director of the Kathryn W. Davis Center for Regenerative Biology and Aging, has identified the signaling mechanisms underlying the formation of podocytes, which are tiny, highly specialized cells in the glomerulus, the cluster of blood vessels in the kidney where waste is filtered. The discovery opens the door to the development of new therapies to replace or regenerate these cells, which are vital to ridding the body of toxins.

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Our People

Meet Our Postdocs: Hyemin Min, Ph.D.

Hyemin is one of the newest postdoctoral researchers to join the MDI Biological Laboratory, arriving in July 2021 to start her last stage of scientific training. She hails from Seoul, Korea and completed her master’s and doctoral degrees at Konkuk University of Korea. Under the guidance of her advisor, Professor Yhong-Hee Shim, she studied the…

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Will You Invest in The Future of Science?

We’re pleased to introduce you to Hyemin Min, Ph.D., a postdoctoral researcher who joined the MDI Biological Laboratory in July. Working alongside Dr. Dustin Updike, Hyemin studies the development of the reproductive system in C. elegans (a short lived, microscopic worm). Her work is shedding light on the causes of infertility. Hyemin will spend three to five…

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Our People

Meet Our Postdocs: Emily Spaulding, Ph.D.

Dr. Emily Spaulding graduated from the University of Maine Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering in 2019. She joined the MDI Biological Laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow in the Updike Lab, just two months before the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions began. While her first year at MDI Biological Laboratory was challenging, she highlighted two areas…

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Mount Desert Islander · October 16, 2021

Tracking causes of kidney disease in Sri Lanka

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Mount Desert Islander · October 15, 2021

MDI Bio Lab hosts first ATK conference

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Mount Desert Islander · October 14, 2021

Partnership aims to test all town wells for arsenic

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Bar Harbor, Maine · October 4, 2021

MDI Biological Laboratory Hosts Inaugural African Turquoise Killifish Conference

Biennial Event Will Serve As a Focus for the Research Community in the Americas

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Bar Harbor, Maine · August 20, 2021

MDI Biological Laboratory President Elected to German Academy of Sciences

Hermann Haller, M.D., Joins the World’s Oldest Continuously Existing Science Academy

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Regenerative Biology
Bar Harbor, Maine · August 10, 2021

MDI Biological Laboratory Scientist Helping to Develop the Axolotl As a Model

Research by Prayag Murawala, Ph.D., in Highly Regenerative Salamander Could Lead to New Regenerative Medicine Therapies

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Breaking Through Fall 2020

Using Big Data to Extend Healthy Lifespan

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