MDI Biological Laboratory

MDIBL Welcomes Future Biotech Leaders to Campus

  • April 7, 2022

During the weekend of April 8-10, 2022, nine students from The Roux Institute will be on campus at the MDI Biological Laboratory as part of their semester long course, "Biotechnology Applications Laboratory.”

The Roux Institute, located in Portland, ME, is a division of Northeastern University that specializes in educating graduate level students in advanced technologies for a changing world. Launched in 2020 in conjunction with prominent tech entrepreneur David Roux, the Roux Institute and the larger Northeastern network aim to create graduates who are ready for, and aligned with, the industries and companies that they seek to contribute to.

The semester long course, called “Biotechnology Applications Laboratory,” aims to help Roux students understand the industry in Maine, by exposing them to three different laboratory environments throughout the state: MDI Biological Laboratory, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, and The Jackson Laboratory. Each of these institutions has a unique focus and students will get the chance to build a deeper engagement with their respective research during their weekend-long stays. Over the course of their semester, they will experience the diversity and breadth of biotechnology in Maine, a goal which MDIBL seeks to promote.

While the students are at MDIBL, they will work with Frédéric Bonnet, Ph.D., manager of the Light Microscopy Facility on campus. He will be sharing advanced microscopic techniques and applications, as well as providing context for how microscopy contributes to the growing field of biomedical engineering and technology, a field that many Roux students in this course will likely find themselves working in after they complete their qualification.

MDIBL is excited about this partnership with The Roux Institute and looks forward to inspiring passion for innovation and change, whilst educating the future leaders of the biomedical industry.

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