MDI Biological Laboratory

Zoe Reflects On Her REU

  • September 8, 2022

This summer, we had the pleasure of welcoming Zoe Reich as one of MDI Biological Laboratory’s 2022 undergraduate summer fellowship students.  During their 10-week residential mentored research experiences, students also participate in MDIBL's scientific seminar program and professional development workshops.

You may remember when she first shared what drew her to MDIBL in June at the beginning of her National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF REU) working in the Rollins lab. With the conclusion of the fellowship in August, Zoe presented her research project alongside her colleagues at the two-day Summer Student Symposium, sharing the culmination of their hard work with faculty, staff, friends and family. Now, back home and at the start of another semester at Rutgers University, we asked Zoe to reflect on her research experience:

How did your experience at MDIBL prepare you for what comes next?

When I returned home last month, I sat down to read a journal article that relates to my fall research project with the Driscoll lab at Rutgers. Thanks to my summer with the Rollins lab, I felt comfortable reading it. I could see the practices I had learned put into action as I deciphered figures. It filled me with pride that I could ask questions about the paper – something that I had struggled with in the past. I know this is the first of many appearances of my improved abilities from the summer at MDIBL.

Which activities did you enjoy most?

Beyond the research at MDIBL, I miss the community of people passionate about learning and researching: hikes where we discussed our plans and how research fits in, or being around a great group of peers I could give and get book recommendations from. I will be endlessly grateful for my REU experience at MDIBL; [it allowed me] to fully immerse myself in a researcher’s lifestyle.

Looking back on your time at MDIBL, were there one or two moments that will stay with you?

I don’t think I will forget our summer visits to Bar Harbor, where we explained to the Island Explorer bus drivers what MDIBL is during the rides!

What comes next?

Currently, I am itching to get back into the wet lab at Rutgers for my junior year!