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Will You Invest in The Future of Science?

Your gift today can help postdoctoral researchers make the scientific breakthroughs of tomorrow.

We’re pleased to introduce you to Hyemin Min, Ph.D., a postdoctoral researcher who joined the MDI Biological Laboratory in July.

Working alongside Dr. Dustin Updike, Hyemin studies the development of the reproductive system in C. elegans (a short lived, microscopic worm). Her work is shedding light on the causes of infertility.

Hyemin will spend three to five years at MDIBL completing the final stage of her scientific training: developing an original area of study, demonstrating her productivity, and authoring papers on her research. In short, creating a solid foundation from which to launch her independent scientific career. While it sounds simple enough, it represents years of hard work and determination researchers put in to their field before they even really begin their career.

The MDI Biological Laboratory is actively recruiting for talented trainees like Hyemin and in 2022 we plan to significantly increase the number of postdoctoral fellows in our research groups. But, to do this, we need your help!

The investment needed to fully support a postdoctoral fellow is $100,000 a year. There is limited federal funding available for research trainees and independent financial support is of paramount importance to giving them the opportunity to succeed.

By contributing to the success of postdoctoral researchers like Hyemin, you have a direct impact on the future of science, the future of human health, including yours. Will you invest in the science of tomorrow, today? 

Your donation will:
• Bring outstanding young scientists to MDI Biological Laboratory
• Provide quality mentorship and invaluable hands-on scientific training
• Give these scientists the foundation they need to be successful

Donor support of our work and our mission has already helped achieve so much, and we are ever grateful. What breakthrough will your gift make possible? Whose career will you launch? Join us on this journey of discovery and find out!

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