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This Is Why: Lab Partners

  • May 11, 2020

Being a Lab Partner, as our monthly donors are known, is an easy and impactful way to  support the MDI Biological Laboratory’s research and educational programs. Alumnae Anastasia Gianakas and Diane Saunders donate as Lab Partners, in recognition of the formative impact of their time at the Lab, and to support the MDI Biological Laboratory to continue to provide these significant experiences to other students.   

“I donate to MDIBL because I had such a formative experience as an undergraduate student, I want to make sure other students have the same opportunities in the future. Thanks to the support of my amazing mentors and the MDIBL community, I had the chance to participate in innovative scientific research, serve as a teaching assistant, and give many presentations and tours. This allowed me to test the range of my skills, explore my passions, learn about my strengths and what I might want to do in the future. Today, I am enjoying a rewarding career in the life sciences and my time at the MDIBL was an important step in my path.” 
~ Anastasia Gianakas, ’10-‘11


“I was fortunate to complete a summer fellowship in Dr. Jim Coffman’s lab while I was an undergraduate at Bates. My memories of the summer at MDIBL include a warm, inviting community and infectious energy created by investigators and staff who were always generous with their time. This rewarding research experience undoubtedly contributed to my decision to pursue a PhD in Molecular Physiology.” 
~ Diane Saunders, ‘10

Monthly gifts provide steady, ongoing support, which allows us to plan more effectively and operate more efficiently by reducing administrative costs and contributing to a greener environment by reducing paper use. Many donors find that monthly giving is a more viable option, as smaller, more frequent gifts may be more manageable than making a larger one-off gift. We understand that a certain initiative or project at MDI Biological Laboratory may hold special significance for you – so your monthly gift can be designated to support a specific area of interest.

A little each month goes a long way, making a continuous positive impact on the programs and projects at MDI Biological Laboratory that are most meaningful to you. Once set up, your gift will automatically process (from a credit card or via direct debit). We’ll stay in touch, letting you know the wonderful difference you are making, and at the end of each year, we’ll send you a gift summary showing just how quickly your giving adds up. Getting started is simple – all you need to do is complete our online form.