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The Momentum of Summer at MDIBL

  • June 18, 2021

Summer is here and never has June’s arrival brought such delight! At the beginning of June we welcomed 29 summer student fellows and the first round of what will be a total of 16 visiting scientists to campus. While every year our seasonal researchers bring an infusion of energy to MDIBL, this year in particular, we feel both revitalized and grateful for their arrival. Our labs are bustling, and once again, a walk around campus finds scientists and students deep in conversation, providing countless opportunities for the collaboration and creative problem-solving that is at the heart of MDI Biological Laboratory.

Hailing from 10 states, and representing 16 varied colleges and 5 high schools, our summer student fellows were selected from a pool of more than 275 applicants. Paired with our year-round faculty and collaborating visiting scientists, they will dive into a learning experience unlike any other. Whether grappling with data sets in our Bioinformatics Core or exploring the regenerative qualities of axolotl, our students will learn from internationally recognized mentors, develop critical skills in a world-class biomedical research laboratory, and participate in the phenomenal educational programs that make up an MDIBL summer.

Our program models continue to evolve in response to the changing reality of day-to-day life and we are thrilled that several students who deferred from 2020 education programs are now on campus. We’ve welcomed Liz Marnik, Ph.D., a former MDIBL Post-Doc and current Assistant Professor at Husson University back to campus to collaborate for the summer with her former mentor, Dustin Updike, Ph.D. and 5 summer students in our Maine Center for Biomedical Innovation.

And it is the support of supporters like YOU who make our research and education programs possible. Your gift gives young scientists the time and space to fail – and to try again. Your support helps unlock the secrets to regenerative therapies, opening the door to new treatments for some of our most devastating diseases. Your generosity is an investment in Maine’s biosciences and workforce development by helping train the next generation of our scientific and medical leaders. If you feel inspired as we do by the amazing amount of talent gathering this summer at MDIBL, we invite you to give a gift that is meaningful to you – it’s YOU that keeps our momentum going.

We look forward to sharing more with you this summer!

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