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Who Is Coming to the Regeneration Party?

New Research by James Godwin, Ph.D., in the Axolotl Offers Insight Into the Role of the Various Players at the Site of an Injury 

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Making a Mouse More Like an Axolotl: How James Godwin’s Discoveries Are Helping Science ‘Pull the Levers of Regeneration’

When it comes to salamanders, observers of the natural world since the time of the ancient Greeks have wondered, Why can they regenerate their limbs and tails while humans cannot?

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Limb Regeneration: Fitting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together

“I think of the former state of the field as a puzzle in which the pieces have no pictures. Now, with the molecular and genetic tools in place, it can be thought of as a puzzle with pictures on the pieces, which means that the real work of fitting the pieces together can begin.” Prayag...

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Understanding Regeneration: A Monumental Quest

In this post, MDI Biological Laboratory scientist James Godwin, Ph.D., talks about what inspired him to study regenerative biology. The profile appears in the fall edition of the MDI Biological Laboratory magazine, "Breaking Through," which focuses on how the study of highly regenerative animal models can help science understand the potential for regeneration in humans.

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Dream of Regenerating Human Body Parts Gets a Little Closer

Science is getting closer to achieving the dream of being able to restore damage to vital organs, the spinal cord and limbs. MDI Biological Laboratory scientist James Godwin, Ph.D., discusses this progress in an article originally published in “The Conversation,” a news outlet for the academic and research community based in Australia, where Godwin was formerly a research fellow at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI).

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