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What Philanthropy Makes Possible

If you like bananas, you probably have a preference for which color -- green, yellow, or brown -- you reach for first (Team Green, anyone?). The skin’s color clues you into the banana’s sugar and antioxidant levels: antioxidants peak when the banana is firm and fully yellow; sugars continue to develop as brown spots appear on the skin. Not only does color tell us things about food, it also strongly influences what we taste – does anyone else remember Heinz’s EZ Squirt purple ketchup? It’s just not the same.

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Star Point Society Members Enjoy ‘Fire and Ice’ at Taste for Science Dinner

Did you know that … Flavor is a complex mixture of sensations including taste, texture and aroma, with 80 percent of the flavor experience coming from aroma and only 20 percent from taste and texture. The sensation of taste includes five established basic tastes; in addition to sweet, sour, salty and bitter, there is umani,...

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