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Take a Closer Look: Microscopy at MDIBL

While scientific images are often stunning from an artistic point of view, for the scientists, the beauty of the image is most often contained in the answers it can give them. Frédéric Bonnet,Ph.D., manager of MDI Biological Laboratory’s Light Microscopy Facility (LMF) strives to make sure that users have up-to-date training to make sure they can obtain information that is beneficial to their research. 

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Cloud Computing 101

Guest blog by Joel Graber, Ph.D., Senior Staff Scientist, Director of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Core

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Session with a Scientist: Aric Rogers, Ph.D.

In this Session with a Scientist, we sit down with Aric Rogers, Ph.D., to learn more about the important initiative he’s been working on and to hear the incredible impact donors have on his research.

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MDI Biological Laboratory has moved quickly to continue providing opportunities for educational experiences and public engagement in scientific research., our online citizen science platform, is just one way we’re increasing our connectivity with like-minded people while we all need to stay apart to slow the spread of COVID-19. Based out of our Community Lab,...

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Big Data: Computational Biology Opens a New Window on the World’s Challenges for Colby Scientists

In this excerpt from an article in Colby Magazine by Kate Carlisle, genomics expert Andrea R. Tilden, Ph.D., The J. Warren Merrill Associate Professor of Biology at Colby and a visiting scientist in bioinformatics at the MDI Biological Laboratory, discusses the evolution of the fields of bioinformatics and computational biology.

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How the Loathsome Fruit Fly Is Contributing to Important Wound Healing Research

This guest post is by Diane Atwood whose popular blog, "Catching Health with Diane Atwood," is carried by the Bangor Daily News and other media outlets. Read other "Catching Health" posts.  

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Sea Urchin Regeneration May Help Us Understand Aging

This guest post from "Biomedical Beat," the blog of the National Institute for General Medical Sciences, describes research by a team led by Andrea Bodnar, Ph.D., of the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and including James A. Coffman, Ph.D., of the MDI Biological Laboratory on the fountain-of-youth characteristics of sea urchins and what they can tell us about human aging.

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Zebrafish May Hold the Answer to Why Early-Life Stress Can Make You Sick When You’re an Adult

In her "Catching Health" blog, freelance health and wellness writer Diane Atwood discusses research by MDI Biological Laboratory scientist James A. Coffman, Ph.D., on how exposure to stress early in life can lead to adult disease.

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New Clue from Fish About Healing Spinal Cord Injuries

In this guest post, Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, discusses the research of Kenneth D. Poss, Ph.D., a 2016 visiting scientist at the MDI Biological Laboratory, on the regeneration of the spinal cord after injury in zebrafish.

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