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Sea Urchin Regeneration May Help Us Understand Aging

This guest post from "Biomedical Beat," the blog of the National Institute for General Medical Sciences, describes research by a team led by Andrea Bodnar, Ph.D., of the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and including James A. Coffman, Ph.D., of the MDI Biological Laboratory on the fountain-of-youth characteristics of sea urchins and what they can tell us about human aging.

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Zebrafish May Hold the Answer to Why Early-Life Stress Can Make You Sick When You’re an Adult

In her "Catching Health" blog, freelance health and wellness writer Diane Atwood discusses research by MDI Biological Laboratory scientist James A. Coffman, Ph.D., on how exposure to stress early in life can lead to adult disease.

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Give the Gift of Discovery

Isaiah Mansour, an undergraduate at the University of Maine, talks about how a Maine INBRE course on the molecular mechanisms of human disease at the MDI Biological Laboratory changed his life.

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How INBRE Is Strengthening Maine’s Traditional Industries

The MDI Biological Laboratory is the leader of the Maine INBRE program, whose goal is to strengthen biomedical research in Maine. More than 2,100 undergraduate students have received training in biomedical research at the MDI Biological Laboratory since 2001. Many want to use their training to improve traditional Maine industries such as agriculture, forest products and marine resources.

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