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Alumni Spotlight: A Conversation with Rose

Earlier this year Rose Besen-McNally graduated from College of the Atlantic with a degree in human ecology. During her freshman year, Rose applied for a student research fellowship at the MDI Biological Laboratory through the IDeA Network of Biomedical Research (INBRE).  Although Rose had not previously considered a career in research, after spending just a...

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Big Data: Computational Biology Opens a New Window on the World’s Challenges for Colby Scientists

In this excerpt from an article in Colby Magazine by Kate Carlisle, genomics expert Andrea R. Tilden, Ph.D., The J. Warren Merrill Associate Professor of Biology at Colby and a visiting scientist in bioinformatics at the MDI Biological Laboratory, discusses the evolution of the fields of bioinformatics and computational biology.

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Students Share Observations on Their Summer Research Fellowships

Forty-one high school and undergraduate students participated in summer research fellowships at the MDI Biological Laboratory this summer. Here, three summer research fellows share their observations on what the experience has meant to them.

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Staying on in Maine: MDI Biological Laboratory Research Assistants Talk About the Value of Working in Their Home State

Three research assistants at the MDI Biological Laboratory talk about about how Maine INBRE helped foster their careers, and about what the opportunity to work in biomedical research in their home state means to them.

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Give the Gift of Discovery

Isaiah Mansour, an undergraduate at the University of Maine, talks about how a Maine INBRE course on the molecular mechanisms of human disease at the MDI Biological Laboratory changed his life.

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How INBRE Is Strengthening Maine’s Traditional Industries

The MDI Biological Laboratory is the leader of the Maine INBRE program, whose goal is to strengthen biomedical research in Maine. More than 2,100 undergraduate students have received training in biomedical research at the MDI Biological Laboratory since 2001. Many want to use their training to improve traditional Maine industries such as agriculture, forest products and marine resources.

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