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MDIBL’s Work in 2022 Includes a New Way To Prevent COVID-19 Infection

Over the course of the year just past, MDI Biological Laboratory’s researchers continued to push the frontiers in the biology of aging, repair, and regeneration, expanding our knowledge of how to protect and extend healthy lifespans.

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There is Always Something New: A COVID-19 Update

Guest blog by Dr. Hermann Haller, President of MDI Biological Laboratory.

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MINOTA 2020 – a change of direction

Transcriptome-profiling is the primary means by which researchers characterize what is happening at the molecular level.  When a transcriptome profile is generated for a sample, it tells us which genes are active (being expressed) and at what amount.  Comparing profiles among samples allows us to identify genes, and importantly the biological processes that are varying...

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From the Bench to the Bedside – A Long Affair with Diabetic Nephropathy

All my life I have been interested in studying the complications of diabetes. Diabetes has two sides: on the one hand it is a metabolic disorder that effects glucose levels, and the metabolism is treated by medications that lower glucose. On the other hand, over time diabetes leads to damaging changes in the vascular bed,...

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Looking to 2021 – How Your Gift Will Boost Scientific Discovery

It’s hard to believe that we’re once again approaching a new season — when fall’s bright colors fade to usher in the inevitable Maine winter. During this tumultuous year, nature has had a calming influence on me. It’s reassuring to know that time and the seasons march determinedly forward, regardless of circumstance. And so too...

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2020 Annual Meeting of the Corporation – Information Review

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This is Why: The Fundamental Importance of Science

Recently, the relevance of MDI president, Dr. Hermann Haller’s own research on glycocalyx, the dense layer of sugars, proteins and lipids that cover every cell in our body, took on unexpected relevance in the fight against COVID-19.

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Update April 28: looking to the future

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MDI Biological Laboratory has moved quickly to continue providing opportunities for educational experiences and public engagement in scientific research., our online citizen science platform, is just one way we’re increasing our connectivity with like-minded people while we all need to stay apart to slow the spread of COVID-19. Based out of our Community Lab,...

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