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Visiting Scientist Gert Fricker, Ph.D.: Taking Some Lessons in Toughness from a Hardy Local Fish

Anyone who has spent time at the MDI Biological Laboratory in the summer over the last 35 years has probably seen Gert Fricker, Ph.D., a visiting scientist from the University of Heidelberg in Germany, with a graduate student or two, collecting Atlantic killifish (Fundalus heteroclitus) from Northeast Creek, a tidal estuary near the laboratory’s campus…

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Signature Course on the Biology of Aging to be Introduced at the MDI Biological Laboratory

Why do we age? What are the mechanisms that regulate aging on a cellular level? Is it possible to extend youthfulness through genetic manipulation? These are some of the tantalizing questions that will be the subject of a new signature course at the MDI Biological Laboratory addressing two of the most fundamental issues related to…

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