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Identifying the Cellular Pathways Responsible for Extending Healthy Lifespan

“The synergistic extension is really wild. The effect isn’t one plus one equals two, it’s one plus one equals five.” Jarod Rollins, Ph.D. “The synergistic extension is really wild,” said Rollins, who is the lead author with Jianfeng Lan, Ph.D., of Nanjing University. “The effect isn’t one plus one equals two, it’s one plus one...

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The Connection Between Your Diet and Your Longevity

This blog post by Diane Atwood on the research of MDI Biological Laboratory scientist Aric Rogers, Ph.D., originally appeared on Atwood's popular "Catching Health with Diane Atwood" blog, which is carried in the Bangor Daily News and other media outlets. Read more of Atwood's posts on Catching Health or listen to her podcasts.

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Prolonging Your Healthy Years: An Interview With Aric Rogers, Ph.D.

Aric Rogers, Ph.D., assistant professor at the MDI Biological Laboratory, discusses how factors such as genetic variations and environmental conditions can influence lifespan in an interview that originally appeared in the online publication, Regenerative Medicine Network.

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