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Rising Investigator Appointed to MDI Bio Lab Faculty

Emily Spaulding explores how disrupting basic cell organization leads to neurodegenerative disease

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Coffman Lab Awarded $449k for Collaborative Research on Arsenic and Depression

Using zebrafish to find links between early-life exposure and later effects

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Is Bioscience Rising in Maine?

There’s an emerging sense around Maine that the state’s biomedical research and development community is raising its profile in the world of bioscience. And whether or not Maine is ready to take on life-science heavyweights like Massachusetts or Maryland, the sector is growing significantly, while new collaborations among institutions – including MDIBL – are raising...

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As Popular As Ever: MBMSS 2022

Researchers from across the state of Maine descended on MDI Biological Laboratory the last weekend in April for the 49th annual Maine Biological and Medical Sciences Symposium (MBMSS).

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Summer of Fun and Futures: Life in the Haller Lab

This summer, MDI Biological Laboratory is hosting six students from Colby University as part of our summer fellowships program, which has 29 total participants this year.

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First Annual Statewide Research Symposium on Biomedical Science and Engineering

The University of Maine’s Institute of Medicine has announced the First Annual Statewide Research Symposium on Biomedical Science and Engineering, planned for October 13 and 14, 2022. MDI Biological Laboratory is proud to partner with the University of Maine, University of New England, Jackson Laboratory, the Roux Institute, Northern Light Healthcare and Maine Health to...

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MDI Biological Laboratory President Kevin Strange, Ph.D., Speaks to Maine Startups Insider About Novo Biosciences

The following post is excerpted from a "Founder Forum" interview with Kevin Strange, Ph.D., about Novo Biosciences that originally appeared in the online publication, "Maine Startups Insider (MSI)."

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Kevin Strange, Ph.D., Featured in Maine Magazine’s “50 Mainers” Issue

MDI Biological Laboratory President Kevin Strange, Ph.D., was featured in Maine magazine’s fifth annual “50 Mainers” issue, which highlights the careers of Mainers who are “leading by example.” The influential Mainers were recognized in the July issue for their “drive to do what’s best for their communities, no matter what the odds or expectations.” “They...

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‘Bridging Disciplines’ Video

Isaiah Mansour, Sam Landry and other science and engineering undergraduates explore approaches to biomedical research using concepts and tools that promote collaboration across disciplines in the “Bridging Disciplines: Navigating Successful 21st Century Careers in Biomedical Science” course.

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