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Murawala Lab Discovers a New Stem Cell

Globe-spanning research project opens new possibilities for regenerative medicine  

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MDI Bio Lab Scientists Share Salamander Secrets

“AxoBase is an enabling resource. It enables biology to get done.” -- from a recent publication in the Node. 

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Launching Bioscience Careers at MDI Bio Lab

A growing number of graduates and post-docs are energizing the campus.

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Axolotl and MDI Bio Lab Featured in Meet the Wild Things Children’s Book Series

Researchers assist writer Hayley Rocco and award-winning illustrator John Rocco.

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2022 MDI Biological Laboratory Publications

In 2022 MDI Biological Laboratory’s researchers continued to push into new scientific frontiers in the biology of aging, repair and regeneration, expanding our knowledge of how to protect and extend healthy lifespans. 

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Microscopy Momentum at MDIBL

MDIBL’s facilities and website overflow with the beautiful and sometimes startling images its scientists, staff and students produce in the course of their research with the laboratory’s battery of microscopy and transgenic animal models. One of the experts, Marko Pende, Ph.D., was recognized this month by Nikon’s international “Small World Photomicrography Competition” for making an...

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Comparative Biology: Animal Models Strut Their Stuff

Scientists at the MDI Biological Laboratory use the comparative model approach to understand the basic biology of tissue regeneration and aging. Thanks to evolution and common ancestry, we humans actually share a large portion of our DNA with fish, worms, and salamanders. Humans and zebrafish, for example, share 70% of the same genes; 84% of human genes known to be associated with human disease have a zebrafish equivalent. That’s a lot of similarity. 

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Sharing MDIBL Career to Inspire Young Scientists

Recently our Animal Facility Manager, Karlee Markovich, was invited to take part in Maine Bioscience Day, a statewide event that aims to get middle school students excited about science by introducing them to different career paths and opportunities that are available in the life sciences industry in Maine. 

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Who Is Coming to the Regeneration Party?

New Research by James Godwin, Ph.D., in the Axolotl Offers Insight Into the Role of the Various Players at the Site of an Injury 

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