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New Research by Aric Rogers, Ph.D., Sheds Light on the Effects of Dietary Restriction on Muscle Tissue

Consider the following scenarios: In the first, a thin young woman who exercises excessively develops athletic amenorrhea, or stops menstruating, rendering her incapable of bearing children. In the second, a sedentary, overweight girl undergoes menarche at a precociously early age. Aric N. Rogers, Ph.D., who studies aging at the MDI Biological Laboratory, believes these scenarios...

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Aric Rogers, Ph.D., promoted to Associate Professor

The Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory is pleased to announce the promotion of Aric Rogers, Ph.D., to Associate Professor, effective January 10, 2021. Rogers joined the MDI Biological Laboratory as an Assistant Professor in early 2013. He and his research team are working to understand not only how dietary restriction works to increase health and...

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Women in Science Day 2021 – Elisabeth Marnik and Juyoung Shim

To mark Women in Science Day on February 11, 2021, we’re sharing the stories of female scientists, past and present, at the MDI Biological Laboratory. Elisabeth Marnik and Juyoung Shim: Training the Next Generation of Academic Researchers MDI Biological Laboratory’s robust postdoctoral training program provides young scientists with the training they need to launch successful...

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Student Spotlight: Ratna Sharma

Ratna Sharma is the first to agree that her actual summer looked vastly different to the one she had planned. The rising senior had carefully researched, collated and applied for the summer experiences she wanted to participate in – even going the extra mile, personally reaching out to Dr. Aric Rogers, who she wished to...

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Session with a Scientist: Aric Rogers, Ph.D.

In this Session with a Scientist, we sit down with Aric Rogers, Ph.D., to learn more about the important initiative he’s been working on and to hear the incredible impact donors have on his research.

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Identifying the Cellular Pathways Responsible for Extending Healthy Lifespan

“The synergistic extension is really wild. The effect isn’t one plus one equals two, it’s one plus one equals five.” Jarod Rollins, Ph.D. “The synergistic extension is really wild,” said Rollins, who is the lead author with Jianfeng Lan, Ph.D., of Nanjing University. “The effect isn’t one plus one equals two, it’s one plus one...

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The Connection Between Your Diet and Your Longevity

This blog post by Diane Atwood on the research of MDI Biological Laboratory scientist Aric Rogers, Ph.D., originally appeared on Atwood's popular "Catching Health with Diane Atwood" blog, which is carried in the Bangor Daily News and other media outlets. Read more of Atwood's posts on Catching Health or listen to her podcasts.

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Staying on in Maine: MDI Biological Laboratory Research Assistants Talk About the Value of Working in Their Home State

Three research assistants at the MDI Biological Laboratory talk about about how Maine INBRE helped foster their careers, and about what the opportunity to work in biomedical research in their home state means to them.

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Prolonging Your Healthy Years: An Interview With Aric Rogers, Ph.D.

Aric Rogers, Ph.D., assistant professor at the MDI Biological Laboratory, discusses how factors such as genetic variations and environmental conditions can influence lifespan in an interview that originally appeared in the online publication, Regenerative Medicine Network.

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