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Comparative Biology: Animal Models Strut Their Stuff

Scientists at the MDI Biological Laboratory use the comparative model approach to understand the basic biology of tissue regeneration and aging. Thanks to evolution and common ancestry, we humans actually share a large portion of our DNA with fish, worms, and salamanders. Humans and zebrafish, for example, share 70% of the same genes; 84% of human genes known to be associated with human disease have a zebrafish equivalent. That’s a lot of similarity. 

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Sharing MDIBL Career to Inspire Young Scientists

Recently our Animal Facility Manager, Karlee Markovich, was invited to take part in Maine Bioscience Day, a statewide event that aims to get middle school students excited about science by introducing them to different career paths and opportunities that are available in the life sciences industry in Maine. 

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Getting Middle Schoolers Excited About Science

In this post, MDI Biological Laboratory animal core technician Karlee Markovich talks about her experience inspiring interest in science among students at a Bangor middle school as part of Maine BioScience Day.

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