MDI Biological Laboratory

The Star Point Society

The Star Point Society takes its name from the remarkable rock formation crowning the shoreline site of the MDI Biological Laboratory campus. This enduring star-shaped landmark has served as a navigation point since this area was first inhabited, and symbolizes the role of Star Point Society members in ensuring the MDI Biological Laboratory has a solid financial foundation to support its innovative research and educational goals.

Star Point Society (SPS) members provide critical start-up funding to young scientists exploring important insights into tissue repair and regeneration, disease, and aging. You can be an active partner in our five-year vision (on pages 8-11) of growing MDI Biological Laboratory into an international hub for aging and regeneration researchers.

You make new discoveries, that will lead to longer and healthier lives, possible.

The MDI Biological Laboratory appreciates the valuable support of SPS members and offers them the unique opportunity to interact with our scientific community and experience the thrill of research first-hand. Please see our full list of SPS events below.

We invite you to join the Star Point Society today and become an active partner in our search for new ways to combat age-related diseases and extend healthy lifespan.

You may also like to learn about our President’s Cabinet, a small advisory group of distinguished SPS members, who are dedicated to advancing the mission of the MDI Biological Laboratory.

Star Point Society Events

In appreciation and recognition of the support of the Star Point Society, members are invited to exclusive educational and social events on topics such as the fusion of science and art or the illustration of biology through culinary adventures. Below are scheduled 2024 events, as well as a sampling of future events. For more information or to register, please email

Family Science Night
July 11, 2024

Join us as we mark more than a century of collaboration, experimentation and basic scientific research. In addition to more than a dozen activities and exhibits organized by MDI Biological Laboratory student fellows, we are thrilled to host several community partners.

Star Point Society Annual Gathering
July 24, 2024

All members of the Star Point Society are invited to enjoy delectable hors d'oeuvres and raise a toast to our history and our plans for the future with scientific staff, the Scientific Advisory Board, and President Hermann Haller, M.D.

Shared Histories: MDI Historical Society, MDI Bio Lab and our island community
August 14, 2024

Star Point Society members at the Principle Investigator level and above are invited to join MDI Historical Society's Voyagers Circle members to learn about our shared perspectives and values.

Art Meets Science Online Lectures

President Hermann Haller, M.D., internationally acclaimed physician scientist and skilled art historian, discusses the unique role art plays in documenting scientific history. 

Art Meets Science Museum Tours

Join President Hermann Haller, M.D., internationally acclaimed physician scientist and skilled art historian, for a personalized museum tour and luncheon. We'll discuss the lessons art can impart and the unique role these rich images play in documenting our scientific history.

Private Dinners

Star Point Society Leadership Council members are invited to intimate dinners at private homes on MDI.