MDI Biological Laboratory

Season Brings Snow, Students!

  • December 19, 2023

More graduate students come to Salisbury Cove.
Graduate students Bidhi Diwedi (foreground) and Sanjushree Nagarajan arrived in Maine this fall.  Over the course of 2023 the number of graduates powering research on campus will have expanded considerably, to a total of 24.

“I am absolutely enchanted by the extraordinary environment here at MDIBL,” says Diwedi. “It brings me immense joy to be awarded with the opportunity to learn and thrive alongside some of the world’s foremost scientists, all within this idyllic location. The crystalline waters, the captivating embrace of nature – it’s an experience beyond compare. Now, with the arrival of snow, the magic has intensified.”

Diwedi and Nagarajan are pursuing microbiology doctorates in the laboratories of, respectively, Romain Madelaine, Ph.D, and Halyna Shcherbata, Ph.D. They are here as part of a growing partnership with degree-granting institutions – in their case, Hannover Medical School.