MDI Biological Laboratory

Visiting Scientist Program Fees

Laboratory Rentals

Laboratory space rental is available to support visiting scientist research activities. Each laboratory rental allows one person to occupy the space. A personnel surcharge is applied for each additional person occupying the space. A hazardous waste flat fee is included in the Laboratory Rental Rates when wet bench space is rented.

Core Facilities

Use of core facilities and equipment is on a fee-for-use basis. Research specimens must be ordered in advance; vertebrate animal use requires prior IACUC Approval.

Housing Rentals

Visiting scientists may lease cottages or apartments and may apply for housing for their staff.

Housing Rental Rates


  • Rustic: Pond Cottages
  • Mid Level: Rieck, Epstein, Homer Smith, White
  • Premium: Cove Cottages, Meadow Cottages, Forster, Bevelander and Oaks with no pod.


  • Efficiency: Eden 1 A & B
  • Standard: Eden 2 A & B

Dormitories: Birch, Spruce, Oaks 1, 2, 3, 4

Graduate Student Housing: Emery Cottage, 164 Old Bar Harbor Road

Dining Hall

Individual meals / meal plans and ala carte items can be purchased throughout most of the year. PLEASE NOTE: All Birch and Spruce residents are required to purchase the full meal plan, as cooking is not allowed in those dormitories.

  • Full Meal Plan – $265 / week
  • Individual Meals:
    • Dinner – $20 / each
    • Lunch – $14 / each
    • Breakfast – $6 / each

Special catering requests must be made by MDI Biological Laboratory staff on behalf of visiting scientists, and must be approved in advance.

Conference Rooms

Please contact the Courses and Conferences team for availability if you would like to rent conference room space.

Visiting scientists are billed based on dates confirmed when space assignments are made, and on whether stays are lengthened (space permitting). Refunds will not be given for late arrivals or early departures unless there are extenuating circumstances.