MDI Biological Laboratory


The MDI Biological Laboratory hosts research visits and sabbaticals for academic and industry scientists who wish to pursue research aligned with the institution’s focus.

Once you have approval to apply, you will be sent an online form to complete with:

Research Summary 2-page (maximum). The summary must include this information as subheadings in the text:

  • Introduction: Describe background and significance of research.
  • Experimental Plan: Describe the research experiments in non-technical detail.
  • Innovation: Describe how the project uses innovative or novel experimental approaches or addresses research questions using a new approach.
  • References must be provided. They are not counted in the 2-page limit.

Short-form CV (e.g., Biosketch) to upload into the online application.

Letter of support to upload into the online application.

For more information, contact Amy Richards

Limited funds may be available for fellowship support of visiting scientists who come to the MDI Biological Laboratory to collaborate with our faculty and to support our education and outreach programs. Fellowship awards can offset housing rental, laboratory rental, laboratory supplies and hazardous waste fees. Funds are not awarded for travel, additional personnel or personal expenses. Self-funded scientists are also invited to submit applications for research programs.