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Breaking Through: The Way Science Should Be

The Way Science Should Be: 125 Years of Discovery

In May of 1898, the Tufts Weekly published a flier advertising the opening of the Tufts Summer School of Biology at South Harpswell, Maine. That first summer, undergraduate and graduate students from Tufts and Colby College joined physicians and scientists to establish our durable tradition of collegial research in an inspiring, species-rich coastal setting.

While much has changed over the intervening 125 years (including our name and location), the basic approach to training and discovery has not. MDI Biological Laboratory’s core values remain rooted in the power of scientific inquiry and a deep appreciation of the natural world. Our campus has always been a gathering place where scientific leaders and students across disciplines exchange ideas, address complex biological problems and foster life-long learning. This is our enduring legacy.

This issue of Breaking Through illustrates some of the intellectual connectivity between our research today and the discoveries of Bio Lab scientists over the last 125 years. As we celebrate this important milestone, it is an opportunity for us to not only reflect on our history and reassert our core values, but to be intentional as we work together to shape our future. With your continued support and enthusiasm, together we are building robust international research and educational programs, restoring our historic campus and establishing the firm financial foundation that is essential for our ongoing success.

I hope you will join me in taking a moment to reflect on what this unique scientific community means to you, and perhaps reaffirm your commitment to ensuring that our legacy of scientific excellence, collaboration, and camaraderie lives on far into the future.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Hermann Haller, M.D.

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