MDI Biological Laboratory
Press Release

MDI Bio Lab Website Wins International dotCOMM Award

Website design led by Maine’s Cushman Creative positions Bio Lab for a new era of growth

Cushman Creative is a brand experience agency specializing in health science marketing whose CEO, Karan Cushman has become a vital resource for Bio Lab communications. She is the only 2023 Platinum dotCOMM Award winner in Maine and northern New England.

The DotCOMM competition honors excellence in web creativity and digital communication. Other 2023 winnersinclude Amazon Science, United Healthcare, Caterpillar and Virgin Brands.

“Over the last decade the MDI Bio Lab has been elevating its presence in the global biomedical community,” says MDI Bio Lab President Herman Haller, M.D. “This year marks our 125th anniversary, and we wanted our website to be true to our historical character while maintaining a sense of scientific excellence and professionalism. Cushman Creative helped us communicate our history, our mission and our unique culture in an easy-to-understand way.”

Cushman led the website’s development in close collaboration with MDI Bio Lab’s development team. She says the site succeeded because her team applied design principles that prioritize the user experience right from the start.

“Throughout the site, we used imagery that conveys a sense of place as well as the hands-on discovery, collaboration and diversity that make MDI Bio Lab a vital scientific community,” Cushman says. “We are honored that the dotCOMM judges recognized our work with a Platinum Award.”

Founded in 1898 amid a new era of scientific thinking, MDI Bio Lab upholds a legacy of pushing scientific boundaries and challenging conventional thinking. For generations, it has served as a research think tank, and now a world-class laboratory facility, that combines a passion for collaboration, discovery and the pursuit of knowledge.

“Over a decade-long engagement with Cushman Creative, Karan has helped us evolve our brand,” says Bio Lab Vice President for External Affairs, Jerilyn Bowers. “This new website is a critical foundation for the next 10 years of our institution’s growth, which includes plans to expand our technical capacities and enter the world of applied science and drug development through our new subsidiary, MDI Bioscience.”