MDI Biological Laboratory

Our Sixteen Newest Scientists

  • June 15, 2022

Sixteen undergraduate students from seven states, representing ten institutions, arrived at MDI Biological Laboratory (MDIBL) two weeks ago. They are taking part in our popular and highly competitive ten-week summer fellowship programs, through either the INBRE or REU programs. These student fellows infuse the MDIBL campus with energy; our labs are bustling, the curiosity is palpable and we are grateful. Once again, a walk around campus finds scientists and students deep in meaningful conversations as the latter dive into a learning experience unlike any other.

MDIBL’s summer fellowship programs strive to offer well-rounded and unique research experiences for undergraduate students to engage in real-world, meaningful scientific explorations alongside avid and invested mentors. Each student will take on a specific independent project that complement current resident and visiting scientist research programs, giving them hands-on experience participating in independent research projects that complement current resident and visiting scientist research programs. Whether grappling with data sets in our Bioinformatics core or exploring the regenerative qualities of the axolotl, the class of 2022 will learn from internationally recognized mentors, supplying countless opportunities for collaboration and the creative problem solving that is at the heart of MDIBL’s success.

During their 10-week summer fellowship, undergraduates also receive numerous other opportunities to help them develop their professional skills. Students participate in a scientific communication course and advanced microscopy or bioinformatics training, depending on their research focus. At the end of their fellowship, undergraduate students will present their research findings at our annual Summer Science Symposium in a poster format and a three-minute talk where they describe their key take-aways in lay terms. Family, friends and colleagues are invited to attend this event.