MDI Biological Laboratory

Noah Lind Finds a True Science Community

  • June 23, 2023

Noah Lind first heard of MDI Biological Laboratory when his high school AP teacher mentioned that a former student had enjoyed a summer fellowship here.

Drawn by a desire to integrate with a true science community, Noah enrolled. “It gave me a realistic lab experience; a chance to see what it is like to be a scientist on a daily basis,” he says. “Students walk away with a great representation of what a science career feels like.”

Noah has since earned a B.S. from the University of Vermont and he’s now a Research Assistant back at the Laboratory. Graduate school is next, where he plans work on the efficiency of biomedical research systems.

Noah says the Laboratory’s unique environment was critical to his early growth as a scientist.

“Even if the Bio Lab doubles or triples in size, the way it started remains at its heart,” he says. “It’s a sense that we’re all in this together, that we learn from each other. No other institution does that as well as MDI Bio Lab.”