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Mount Desert Islander · March 27, 2022

MDI Biological Laboratory launches new program

The MDI Biological Laboratory (MDIBL) has named James S. Strickland as director of MDI Bioscience, a new initiative focused on using non-mammalian models in early drug discovery and development.  

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Mainebiz · March 22, 2022

Maine’s $110M in NIH research grants supported nearly 2,000 jobs last year

Bar Harbor organization Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory received 14 NIH grants in 2021, totaling $8,261,874.

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Portland Press Herald · March 20, 2022

Our View: Maine lab shows drug companies how to fail

MDI Biological Laboratory is making drug discovery more efficient, saving time and money.

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The Scientist · March 15, 2022

Oust the Mouse:

A Plan to Reduce Mammal Use in Drug Development

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Bangor Daily News · March 6, 2022

Maine lab says initiative will minimize mammal experiments

A Maine science lab is launching a new initiative that will try to enhance drug discovery and development without using mammals.

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Portland Press Herald · March 1, 2022

Westbrook students’ science project makes impact in Augusta

Two seniors advocate for a measure to help rural Mainers detect and take care of high arsenic levels in their well water.

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Bangor Daily News · February 28, 2022

MDI Biological Laboratory launches a new program that will lead the state in drug discovery and development

For every 5000 drugs discovered, only one makes it to market. There is a tremendous need for increased efficiency and better decision-making tools in drug discovery.

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Regenerative Biology
Metastellar · February 28, 2022

Regeneration of human limbs and organs – science fact or science fiction?

While it’s still in the realm of science fiction today, advanced tissue and limb regeneration might be our future thanks to the foundation being laid by scientists like assistant professor James Godwin of Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory in Maine.

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ABC7 Bangor Maine · February 24, 2022

MDI Biological Laboratory identifies causes of chronic inflammation

A recent discovery has identified the cellular mechanism responsible for chronic, age-related inflammation as a change in the architecture of the cell.

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