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MDI Biological Laboratory Featured on ‘Maine Calling,’ MPBN’s Popular Radio Call-In Show

  • June 29, 2016

What treatments can extend life? How solid is the evidence that they slow aging? How soon will we know about their impact on human health? What would be the social and environmental impacts if people routinely lived 25 percent longer than they do now?

These and other tantalizing questions about aging were the subject of a June 30, 2016 episode on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network’s (MPBN) popular radio call-in show, “Maine Calling,” entitled “Living to Be 150: How Soon? How Desirable?” Host Jennifer Rooks interviewed MDI Biological Laboratory scientist, Dr. Aric Rogers, and visiting scientist, Dr. Steven N. Austad.

Dr. Austad, one of the country’s foremost scientists in the field of aging biology, was visiting the MDI Biological Laboratory as a lecturer for the laboratory’s new signature course on aging.

Listen to the scientists discuss the current state of aging research.

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