MDI Biological Laboratory

Courses and Conferences Up and On the Go in 2024

  • January 19, 2024

MDI Bio Lab’s 2024 course and conference season is officially underway.

Twelve students from Southern Maine Community College and 12 from the University of Maine Honors College braved challenging January weather to spend a week on campus for short courses in the Maine INBRE training program, led by MDI Bio Lab.

The science training courses provide an immersive, focused opportunity to engage with current biomedical research. In addition to gaining new technical skills in the Maine Center for Biomedical Innovation’s training laboratory, participants explore career options with course faculty and Laboratory staff during planned discussions and informal conversations throughout their time on campus.

SMCC students examined regeneration in the flatworm Planaria. Using fluorescence microscopy, they determined the location of the stem cells that drive regenerative processes. The UMHC students used Cloud computing techniques to study how the zebrafish’s immune system responds to influenza infection during gene expression. This research approach was complemented with light microscopy training and the imaging of cellular structures and biological processes.

The student research training programs are sponsored by the Maine INBRE,  a network of 14 research and higher education institutions that share scientific infrastructure, faculty and financial resources to support undegraduate training and early-career researchwhat does nigms stand for

The state INBRE (which stands for IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence) is  funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of General Medical Sciences, and led by MDI Bio Lab.

Courses like these have been a foundation of the Maine INBRE’s success, with over 1,500 participants since 2002. See the rest of the 2024 course schedule here.