MDI Biological Laboratory

MDI Bio Lab and the Roux Institute Join Forces to Boost Maine’s Biotech Workforce

  • August 16, 2023

Sharing faculty and resources to train a new generation of scientists 

MDI Bio Lab and the Roux Institute at Northeastern University are announcing a new effort to boost Maine’s bioscience economy. They have signed a collaborative agreement to create and share faculty, resources and support systems for bioscience trainees and workers that will be essential to growing the high-paying sector in Maine.

The organizations aim to boost job and research opportunities while increasing innovation and bio entrepreneurship in the state and region. The partnership will help Mainers build expertise in the use of cutting-edge biotech tools, such as big data bioinformatic systems, engineered tissue cultures and drug discovery techniques that are guided by artificial intelligence.

“MDI Bio Lab is constantly looking to collaborate with allied institutions to advance science and benefit the state,” said Hermann Haller, M.D., the Laboratory’s president. “This partnership with the Roux Institute marks a new chapter in Maine’s ongoing effort to take a national and global role in an era of accelerating biomedical discovery and improved human health.”

The partnership allies MDI Bio Lab’s innovative research faculty and experience equipping young people with the tools, techniques and tenets of comparative biology with the Roux Institute’s high-level skills and infrastructure for computational medicine, biotechnology, and entrepreneurship.

“MDI  Bio Lab is world-renowned for its track record of leading-edge research on basic regenerative medicine and for the development of non-mammalian models supporting this research. This partnership is synergistic, bringing together state-of-the-art wet lab research and biomedical data science,” said Dr. Raimond Winslow, Director of Life Sciences and Medical Research and Professor of Bioengineering at the Roux Institute. “I’m tremendously excited by this relationship and look forward to working with MDI Bio Lab colleagues.” 

The partnership builds on recent collaborations that have seen Roux Institute students taking intensive short-term courses at MDI Bio Lab.

“The Roux Institute’s collaboration with MDIBL has already provided me and other biotechnology students with such amazing opportunities,” said Roux Institute graduate student Dana Grass, who attended an “Applications in Biotechnology” course at MDI Bio Lab earlier this year. 

“We focused on important laboratory techniques, including microscopy and scientific image analysis,” Grass said. “It was incredibly valuable to me not just because of the skills I was able to practice, but also the career network I was able to further develop through conversations with faculty at MDI Bio Lab.”

The strategic partners will create opportunities for faculty and students to teach and train at both institutions. And they will collaborate to design and fund new education, research and innovation initiatives.