MDI Biological Laboratory

Robert Taft Whitman

Rob Whitman is the former executive director of The Curtain Foundation, a philanthropy with interests in the US, UK and southern Africa. Before joining the foundation, Mr. Whitman was the head of web business analytics at IBM Software and a senior manager of worldwide customer information at the Lotus Development Corporation.

Mr. Whitman serves on the Board of SCAN-Harbor NYC, an organization supporting at-risk and homeless youth in NYC, as well as the Board of the 50 Riverside Cooperative. He has a life-long association with Mount Desert Island and a keen interest in discovery science.  He serves on the President’s Basic Sciences Committee at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

He and his husband Jeff Munger live in New York City and in Seal Harbor, Maine. As a founding member of the President’s Cabinet and a trustee of the MDI Biological Laboratory, Mr. Whitman is committed to generating interest among donors to support the Laboratory’s mission to improve our ability to repair the tissue damage from injury or age-related disease. His love of a challenge and inquisitive nature have ignited his enthusiasm for this work