MDI Biological Laboratory
President's Cabinet

Jane R. M. Harrison

Four generations of Jane’s family have summered on Mount Desert Island, building summer homes, climbing the mountains, swimming in the ocean, and making deep intergenerational friendships with summer and year-round residents.

Despite her deep ties to the Island, it is only within the last decade that she was introduced to the MDI Biological Laboratory.  It was a revelation, and as she likes to say, “The best kept secret on Mount Desert Island,” a magical place where brilliant scientific minds come together in a spiritually beautiful setting to make amazing and significant discoveries.

A native New Yorker and lover of theatre, writing, and the acting process, Jane graduated from Columbia University and worked at Helmsley-Spear in loft conversion and building sales, and for Planned Parenthood. At Columbia, Jane planned to major in physics but her passion for the arts won out in the end. However, she has always maintained her love of physics and the sciences and believes deeply in the importance of making science relatable and relevant to everyone.