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Impact Report 2021

Together, we made tremendous progress at MDIBL!

From strengthening current collaborations and forming exciting new ones to curating engaging learning experiences and enjoying memorable outreach events with our community, you helped us achieve so much.


We couldn't have done it without your help!
Thank you.


Research Highlights You Helped Achieve

In 2021, we made tremendous progress. With your help, we recruited excellent scientists, established new animal models, forged international collaborations, and made fascinating discoveries. Your support truly matters; thank you.

in new federal grants won
axolotls in expanded animal facility
research groups with 44 scientific staff
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peer-reviewed publications
new employees hired
visiting scientist collaborations with MDIBL faculty
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"As an MDIBL alum, it was wonderful to return as a visiting scientist and collaborate with a leader in kidney research. I had the chance to sharpen my focus on my research, whilst benefiting from a productive collaboration. Surrounded by liked-minded scientists, passionate students, and the stunning landscape of Mount Desert Island – I look forward to returning again."
Nishad Jayasundara Visiting Scientist 2021


See Your Impact on Our Education Programs

By focusing on our students' needs and staying nimble, we were able to offer another amazing year of learning experiences. Your support of MDIBL means the next generation of scientists receive quality mentoring, hands-on learning and exposure to real-world science as it happens. Thank you for fostering these bright minds.

online and in-person courses and conferences
attendees participating in online and in-person education programs
awarded in student fellowships
summer student fellows on campus
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harmful algae cells identified as part of water monitoring in Frenchman Bay
water samples collected as part of the "All About Arsenic" project
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citizen scientist observations shared through
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The most valuable aspect of my fellowship was the independence in the lab. My mentor did not constantly look over our shoulders. We were given responsibilities and the freedom to perform them but also the freedom to ask questions. This strengthened my leadership and critical thinking abilities.”
Participant INBRE Summer Fellow 2021


Our Donors

The MDI Biological Laboratory is extremely grateful to all the donors who generously support our work. This list represents contributions made from January 1 to December 31, 2021. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our list. Our sincere apologies if any omissions or errors have occurred; please contact us to ensure your preferences are on record.



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