MDI Biological Laboratory

Here comes the Class of 2022!

  • May 31, 2022

The MDIBL Class of 2022 arrives today, and we are so excited to welcome them to campus! The importance of hands-on research training and strong mentoring for the next generation cannot be overstated. These young people will become the scientists at the frontier of discovery. Continuing to invest in them is vital.

Every year, without fail, we are amazed at the determination, curiosity and sheer excitement for science that our Summer Fellows demonstrate. Training the next generation of scientists, physicians and entrepreneurs is a significant aspect of our mission and without the support of our wonderful community, these valuable educational opportunities wouldn’t be possible.

The ten weeks that they spend at the MDI Biological Laboratory is about exposure to real-world bench science, but when you look deeper, it’s so much more than that. To see our students grow in confidence – as scientists and as young adults – is rewarding as it is important. But don’t take our word for it – read what the class of 2021 had to say:

I spent my summer in the Godwin Lab, seeing if a specific protein was active in the regenerative process of the axolotl. During my fellowship I gained a better understanding of what “full-time” science looks like and it’s helped me decide that I want more hands-on experience before applying to graduate school. It was a wonderful balance of learning by myself and learning from others.

Dr. Godwin’s mentorship was hugely valuable – from answering my questions in the lab to thinking through different options and careers pathways with me. He has been really involved – we even meet up in the fall last year to talk more about my future.


I was lucky enough to spend the summer working in the Haller Lab. I had limited lab experience, so it was a wonderful opportunity to see if my expectations matched with reality. Science is such a broad field, and this experience has started me on the path of narrowing down my own area of passion.

To start with, it felt like I was in at the deep-end, but Lynne (Research Assistant III in the Haller Lab) was a great mentor – she involved us when explaining things, but also gave us autonomy to figure it out for ourselves. Dr. Haller gave me very productive feedback in the lead up to our final symposium, which gave me confidence in my work.


We have had many alumni go on to do great things, and we know the Class of 2022 will be no different!