Human and Environmental Sustainability Summits

The MDI Biological Laboratory launched the Human and Environmental Sustainability Summits in 2013 as part of its focus on improving human and environmental health and on using science to solve real-world problems. Each summer, a variety of stakeholders gather in Salisbury Cove to find actionable solutions to globally significant environmental problems.

The summits are unique and intentionally include participants with different backgrounds and perspectives. The summits are guided by the idea that if the right people are in the same place at the same time and engage in focused conversation, they will develop new, concrete approaches to seemingly intractable problems in environmental and public health.

In 2014, the summit focused on the environmental and human health consequences of arsenic.

The summits are supported by a generous gift from Christie’s.

“Everyone is a stakeholder when it comes to issues of human and environmental sustainability. We need to make sure we’re hearing all viewpoints and we don’t divide over issues.”

Kevin Strange, Ph.D.
MDI Biological Laboratory