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Estate Planning doesn’t have to be intimidating

  • April 17, 2020

If you’re like me, you’re not navigating this pandemic alone.  I’m a mom of two young children and now more than ever, I’m conscious that they are looking to me for guidance, stability, and reassurance that everything is going to be ok.  Unfortunately, as an asthmatic, I fall into the high-risk category with COVID-19.  My family and I are taking every precaution by staying at home, disinfecting anything and everything, and taking it one day at a time.

While it may be difficult to talk about it, my husband and I are also taking the opportunity to ensure our estate plans are in place.  Should anything happen to either of us, we want to be sure that our wishes are clear and easy to follow. 

For me, that includes providing not only for my family, but also the organizations that I care for deeply.  I like to think that though small, my legacy will live on at a number of non-profits that helped to shape me: the college that provided me with a phenomenal education (and my husband!), the hospital that saved my daughter’s life, and a small biomedical research facility that gave a 18-year-old Maine girl the opportunity of a lifetime.

Taking the time to make my wishes known and reflect on what was most important to me was comforting. At a time that so much seems out of our control recording these wishes is something I can control. I hope that if my family ever needs to use those documents, it will be comforting to them as well. It struck me that it might be helpful for others who are grappling with the same issues too.  We have a family lawyer who helped us, and you might too — but a quick google search would be a good starting place if you don’t already have a lawyer. Here are a few websites I found (please note, I haven’t used these sites and some of them have costs associated with their product or platform):

  • FreeWill This no-cost service also allows you to draw up a new will gratis if your wishes or circumstances change.
  • LegalZoom Services range from a $69 will to a $149 package that includes a living trust and related documents. 
  • Quicken WillMaker Plus 2019 This $80 software package can create a will and other estate-planning paperwork. 
  • Rocket Lawyer A membership giving you access to estate-planning documents is $40 per month.

Estate planning can and should be deeply personal, but it does not have to be intimidating. There are experts out there who can help, giving you peace of mind that your wishes are clearly laid out, should something happen. 

In this unprecedented and uncertain time, MDI Biological Laboratory is here — if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  This is a challenging time for us all: we promise to always do what we can to help.

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