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Drummond to Deliver Distinguished Gottschalk Lecture

  • October 21, 2022

We’re saying congratulations to an MDIBL leader who is delivering a distinguished lecture on Monday, Oct. 24. Iain Drummond, Ph.D., Director of the Kathryn W. Davis Center for Aging and Regeneration.

Dr. Drummond is a groundbreaking researcher on the use of zebrafish as a model for human kidney development and repair, and he will give the 22nd annual Carl W. Gottschalk Lecture at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.

Dr. Gottschalk was a pioneering kidney scientist credited with numerous breakthroughs in the understanding of kidney functions and structures.

He was responsible for reviving the craft of renal micropuncture – a technique that helped him, in his UNC lab, to settle a long-running dispute over how kidneys manage the transport and conservation of water, in favor of the “countercurrent hypothesis.” That was just one of his many essential contributions to the field.

And during his career, Gottschalk spent some time at MDIBL. The Laboratory’s David Evans, Ph.D., in his authoritative “Marine Physiology Downeast: The Story of the Mt. Desert Island Biological Laboratory”, speculates that it was Homer Smith who first invited Gottschalk here, in 1958 – even though his work argued against some of Smith’s own nephrological tenets.

It also appears that Gottschalk’s early research was informed by work with dogfish at MDIBL. And it was here that, decades later, he met Dr. Susan Fellner, herself a nephrologist, during a Homer Smith Symposium. Fellner and Gottschalk married in the spring of 1996. Sadly he passed away less than two years later. UNC established the Gottschalk Lecture a few years after that.

“Iain Drummond is a particularly deserving recipient of the Carl W. Gottschalk award,” she says. “Because he explores mechanisms of kidney development and regeneration using the zebra fish as a model organism, his work has broad scientific appeal and would have been of special interest to Dr. Gottschalk.”

Dr. Drummond’s lecture is titled “Kidney Development, Disease, and Regeneration: Lessons From the Fish.” He is scheduled to deliver it at 4 pm on Monday, October 24, and you can watch via zoom: