MDI Biological Laboratory

SEPA DataCom

The DataCom Workshop is for pre-approved teachers and scientist partners, please contact Dr. Jane Disney at about interest in participating in the SEPA program.

Program Overview

The DataCom Workshop prepares teachers for their participation in our NIH SEPA-funded project called “Communicating Data”. The long-range goal of the project is to create a replicable model of STEM education that engages teachers and students as citizen scientists in collecting data on drinking water in collaboration with community partners; this will lead to improved public health and increased student competency and interest in science. The proposed project is focused on local issues of heavy metal contamination of drinking water in Maine and New Hampshire, including arsenic, uranium, and lead, and will have broad applicability to other water contamination issues across the nation. Teachers and students will partner with local scientists to analyze and communicate their data to the public in order to translate their findings into local action; students will engage in planned activities with their families at home to increase the likelihood of action at the household level.

Workshop Goals

  • Share the previous SEPA project outcomes and plan for SEPA 2.
  • Share the requirements of the project with all project participants and logistical plans for the school year including evaluation.
  • Introduce science communication plan and resources
  • Provide time for hands-on learning of mapping and graphing data to support storytelling by students
  • Provide time and resources for curriculum planning between teachers and partners for the 2023/2024 school year.
  • Provide optional hands-on experience with animal and plant models for bioassays.

Workshop Leaders