MDI Biological Laboratory
Professional Development

Biotechnology Applications Laboratory: Roux 2024

A short course for students from the Roux Institute at Northeastern University.


Students in this training course will have the opportunity to learn hands-on about the Maine biotech industry through this core experiential laboratory experience. The vision of this initiative engages biotechnology partners throughout the state of Maine, and students travel to each partner institution to:

  • Complete the required lab
  • Meet and interact with biotechnology professionals
  • Learn about the individual partner institutions and their role in the state’s biotechnology industry

During their time at MDIBL, Roux Institute students will learn about cutting-edge microscopy and develop a deeper understanding of microscope anatomy. They will use immunohistochemistry techniques to prepare a variety of biological specimens for imaging. Students will use these samples to learn best practices for identifying the ideal microscopy techniques to examine particular hypotheses and for quantitative image analysis. Together, these hands-on experiments will give participants the opportunity to practice effective skills for clear, reproducible microscopy.

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