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MINOTA: Maine INBRE Non-model Organism Transcriptome Analysis Workshop

MDI Biological Laboratory and the Maine INBRE program will once again hold the workshop entitled: “MINOTA: Maine-INBRE Non-model Organism Transcriptome Analysis”.

  • November 1-6, 2021
  • Hybrid
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Course Schedule and Organization

Building on last year’s course, this year’s workshop will take place as a hybrid event. The majority of the training will be online over the course of five days (November 1-5, 2021) with pre-recorded lectures, live video conferenced discussion sections, and a shared remote cloud computing workspace that will allow for shared analysis of large-scale transcriptome data sets. The workshop will conclude with a one day in-person session at MDIBL on Saturday, November 6, 2021.  We will leave open the option of video-streaming this final session, if needed.

Image credit: Markus Frederich

Course Rationale and Scope

The combination of increased availability and reduced expense in obtaining high-throughput sequencing has made transcriptome profiling analysis a standard tool for the molecular characterization of widely disparate biological systems.  Researchers working in common model organisms (e.g., mouse, zebrafish, or nematode) have relatively easy access to a broad range of resources and tools for the analysis and interpretation of their data.  In contrast, researchers working in less commonly studied organisms and systems often must develop project/system/organism-specific resources and tools.  These tasks can be especially challenging to research groups that work in isolation at institutions with relatively modest computational staffing and resources.

In response to this challenge, MDI Biological Laboratory and the Maine INBRE are again hosting the MINOTA workshop with the specific goal of bringing together a community of Maine INBRE researchers and students who are focused on transcriptome analysis of non-model organisms.  The goals for this workshop are as follows:

  • Presentations and discussion of state-of-the-art computational approaches and tools for:
    • Assembly of RNAseq reads into de novo transcriptomes
    • Functional annotation of de novo transcriptomes
    • Gene expression analysis using the transcriptome as a target for alignment/quantification
    • Carrying out computational analysis in robust and reproducible manners
  • Establishment of shared needs, communication forums, and possibly working groups
  • Sharing of resources to facilitate non-model transcriptome analysis in a cloud computing context (established and maintained by Maine INBRE and MDIBL personnel)

This project is supported by the Maine INBRE and MDI Biological Laboratory.  Please contact course director Joel Graber (, 207-288-9880 ext 139) for further information.

This project is supported by the Maine INBRE and MDI Biological Laboratory.


No fee for Maine INBRE partner institution attendees

Workshop Director

Joel H. Graber

MDI Biological Laboratory



Registrants will be provided with pre-recorded lectures to view at their convenience prior to discussion sessions. Live video discussion sessions will be held online November 1-5. Participants will convene in person on November 6 on the MDI Biological Laboratory campus.

Discussion sessions will be recorded for registrants’ viewing post-sessions.