MDI Biological Laboratory

Biomedical Bootcamp 2023

A one-week commuter/non-residential course for high school students to learn all about current biomedical research with hands-on work to complement classroom instruction.

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Application Deadline: 05/06/2023


Our one week bootcamp provides a hands-on introduction to biomedical research. This in-person course will equip you with essential scientific skills such as experimental design, cutting-edge laboratory techniques, data analysis, bioinformatics and scientific communication. You will engage with scientists at MDI Biological Laboratory to explore the rich landscape of opportunities and career paths in biomedicine, research, and entrepreneurship in Maine and beyond.

This course is for high school students entering their junior or senior year in September 2023, or those who will graduate in June 2023. It is being designed as a day program, so all students must be able to commute to and from MDIBL each day of the course. All students must be at least 16 years old at the start of the program. If you are under the age of 18 at the time of application, parental/guardian permission is required. A limited number of slots are available.

After an introduction to the scientific method and responsible conduct of research, students will engage in the following learning activities:

  • Receive an introduction to laboratory science with a focus on biology essential to understanding biomedical topics and techniques.
  • Learn the basics of experimental design and hypothesis testing.
  • Review important concepts in biology such as DNA replication, transcription and translation necessary to understand the logistics of and logic behind typical molecular biology workflows.
  • Practice basic lab skills that will be required throughout the week to address research questions related to C. elegans.
  • Learn to extract DNA, run gels, conduct Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR), and sequence DNA.
  • Use bioinformatics tools to examine DNA sequences and learn how to manage and analyze big data.
  • Build science communication skills during instructional sessions.
  • Tour facilities at MDI Biological Laboratory to gain familiarity with a variety of animal model systems used in biomedical research, including zebrafish, axolotl, and nematode worms (C. elegans).
  • Explore the range of current research at MDI Biological Laboratory.
  • Participate in a scientific ethics roundtable discussion.
  • Visit with scientists and bioentrepreneurs to explore career paths in Maine.



Students will commute daily to the MDIBL campus starting Monday, July 10. Activities will continue through approximately 4 pm each day. The program ends Friday, July 14.


Limited financial aid may be available to students with a demonstrated need. The funding request form is included in the online application.