MDI Biological Laboratory

Biomedical Bootcamp 2021: Techniques for 21st Century Careers

This program has been postponed. Accepted participants and applicants will be notified when a new date has been determined.

  • July 26-30, 2021
  • Online
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During the online bootcamp course you will learn all about genetic engineering using CRISPR and design the reagents needed to make a genetic change of your choice. We will also be sending some at home kits to allow for at least one hands on experiment. In addition, you will hear from scientists about their work and be able to ask them questions in real time, analyze and present real data, learn about bioinformatics, analyze DNA sequences and attend a biomedical career panel with experts in the field of regenerative biology.

Application deadline is July 1, including references.

All sessions will be held on east coast time starting at 10am. Sessions will vary each day and end no later than 4pm. Breaks will be scheduled in to allow students time to stretch and get a break from computer screens.


2021 tuition is $750.00 for the online course.

Tuition includes a research kit for hands-on activities at home.

Limited financial aid may be available for students with need. The funding request form is included in the online application.


Elisabeth Marnik, Ph.D

Husson University

Jane E. Disney

MDI Biological Laboratory


After an introduction to the scientific method and responsible conduct of research, students will engage in the following learning activities

  • Receive an introduction to the basic biology essential to understanding biomedical topics and techniques.
  • Receive a virtual tour the animal facilities and gain familiarity with a variety of animal model systems including zebrafish, axolotl, and nematode worms (C. elegans).
  • Practice skills that will be required throughout the week to address research questions related to C. elegans.
  • Review important concepts in DNA replication, transcription and translation necessary to understand the logistics of and logic behind typical molecular biology workflows.
  • Learn about and view DNA extraction, running gels, conducting Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR), and DNA sequencing.
  • Use the BLAST tool to examine DNA sequences and learn how to manage and analyze Big Data with an introduction to Bioinformatics.
  • Learn to handle and transfer C.elegans and set up genetic crosses.
  • Review current research at MDI Biological Laboratory using CRISPR technology to edit genomes of C.elegans.
  • Work in groups to design crRNA and homology repair template for a gene of interest
  • Share designs with other course participants.
  • Participate in an scientific ethics roundtable discussion.
  • Visit with scientists and bioentrepreneurs to discuss career paths.


Students will meet virtually starting Monday July 26. Sessions will be offered throughout the day with breaks for exercise and meals. Activities will continue through 4 pm each day. The program ends at noon on Friday July 30.