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Applications of Organoid Technology 2022

For advanced graduate students, post-doctoral trainees, and scientists from industry and academia at all levels.

  • May 29-June 4, 2022
  • MDI Biological Laboratory
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Several technological advances have prompted the development of improved methods to establish and expand cells in 3D in vitro cultures as models for understanding complex biological questions. Patient-derived organoids (PDOs) belong to the “next generation” of culture systems that provide more physiologically relevant models compared to two-dimensional cell cultures.

Applications of Organoid Technology is a one-week intensive course offered by MDI Biological Laboratory in partnership with Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB), the Netherlands-based organization pioneering the development and application of patient-derived organoids globally to modelling and treating human disease. The 2022 edition of our course will provide attendees an overview of the currently available organoid systems and hands-on experience using both adult stem cell-derived (HUB Organoids™) and iPS-derived kidney organoids.

Who is this for:

  • Academic researchers who are looking to set-up organoid cultures in their lab for R&D purposes
  • Scientists from industry who intend to purchase a license for the use of HUB Organoids in drug development
  • HUB licensees who are interested in expanding their existing technical know-how
  • Scientists interested in understanding key benefits and differentiators of HUB Organoids vs iPS-derived organoids

Participants will learn the basic and essential techniques needed to culture human organoids from different organ and disease types, as well as how to perform established assays such forskolin-induced swelling or cell viability with organoids derived from cystic fibrosis and cancer models.

Hands-on laboratory work will focus on cultures from HUB’s Living Biobank which includes organoids from patients with various forms of cancer (colon, prostate, lung, pancreas) and cystic fibrosis. In cell culture, organoids stably maintain the genotype/phenotype of the patient’s diseased tissue, thereby representing an in vitro platform for preclinical drug discovery and validation.

Course Directors

Sylvia F. Boj, Ph.D.

Hubrecht Organoid Technology

Hugo de Jonge

Erasmus MC


Frederic Bonnet, Ph.D.

MDI Biological Laboratory


2022 Tuition: $3,500.00

Includes course materials, on-campus double-occupancy lodging, meals, parking, wi-fi.


On-campus housing is assigned double occupancy. Single occupancy, if available, can be reserved with an additional fee.