MDI Biological Laboratory

Topic: Philanthropy

Securing the Future of a Beloved Science Gathering

“Chalk Talks” are one of MDI Biological Laboratory’s longest-running traditions, a heritage  that embodies its spirit — an informal convening by a deeply inquisitive community that likes to share knowledge, challenge conventional thinking and... just talk science

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Launching Bioscience Careers at MDI Bio Lab

A growing number of graduates and post-docs are energizing the campus.

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Developing a Passion for Science

As a student working alongside Dr. Tom Maren in the late 1970s, Daphne Trotter (née Gardiner) developed a passion for science. Today as a member of the Bio Lab's Board of Trustees, Daphne is dedicated to supporting the next generation of young scientists.

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What Philanthropy Makes Possible

If you like bananas, you probably have a preference for which color -- green, yellow, or brown -- you reach for first (Team Green, anyone?). The skin’s color clues you into the banana’s sugar and antioxidant levels: antioxidants peak when the banana is firm and fully yellow; sugars continue to develop as brown spots appear on the skin. Not only does color tell us things about food, it also strongly influences what we taste – does anyone else remember Heinz’s EZ Squirt purple ketchup? It’s just not the same.

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