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Rising Investigator Appointed to MDI Bio Lab Faculty

Emily Spaulding explores how disrupting basic cell organization leads to neurodegenerative disease

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Coffman Lab Awarded $449k for Collaborative Research on Arsenic and Depression

Using zebrafish to find links between early-life exposure and later effects

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International New Media Artist in Residency at MDI Bio Lab

Michael Takeo Magruder works at the intersection of art and technology: now he takes on the meeting of art and science at the Lab.

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Courses and Conferences Up and On the Go in 2024

MDI Bio Lab’s 2024 course and conference season is officially underway.

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Job Growth Boosts Science Capacity at MDI Bio Lab

Some new campus structures are going up as well

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Senator Collins’ Support for Science Honored in D.C., Applauded in Maine

Federal funding for MDI Bio Lab, JAX and Bigelow is vital for their work

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Microscopy in Focus for Maine INBRE Students

Students and young science faculty from all around Maine converged on MDI Bio Lab’s campus for an intensive 10-day course on the use of the most modern microscopy of the day.

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Senator Collins Supports $1.6 million for MDI Bioscience in Appropriations Bill

If enacted by Congress, the measure will support new campus infrastructure for drug discovery 

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Recognizing MDI Bio Lab’s Historian-in-Chief: David H. Evans, Ph.D.

As the MDI Bio Lab community continues to celebrate 125 years of science-by-the-sea, we want to give a grateful shout-out to David H. Evans, whose research and writing about the Laboratory’s people and accomplishments are now an essential guide to the history of this unique community.   

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