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Axolotl and MDI Bio Lab Featured in Meet the Wild Things Children’s Book Series

Researchers assist writer Hayley Rocco and award-winning illustrator John Rocco.

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MDIBL’s Work in 2022 Includes a New Way To Prevent COVID-19 Infection

Over the course of the year just past, MDI Biological Laboratory’s researchers continued to push the frontiers in the biology of aging, repair, and regeneration, expanding our knowledge of how to protect and extend healthy lifespans.

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2022 MDI Biological Laboratory Publications

In 2022 MDI Biological Laboratory’s researchers continued to push into new scientific frontiers in the biology of aging, repair and regeneration, expanding our knowledge of how to protect and extend healthy lifespans. 

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UNE, MDIBL Team up for Drinking Water Initiative

Collaboration with “Legacy Scholars” builds on the Laboratory’s “All About Arsenic” citizen science initiative

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Microscopy Animations at MDIBL

 Check out some remarkable animations — including the development of the zebrafish’s brain, brain vasculature, and kidneys — that Frédéric Bonnet, Ph.D., created with the Laboratory’s existing array of microscopes. The last animation, published by Somers et. al in the journal Cell Reports Methods, shows protein translation in C. elegans.

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Is Bioscience Rising in Maine?

There’s an emerging sense around Maine that the state’s biomedical research and development community is raising its profile in the world of bioscience. And whether or not Maine is ready to take on life-science heavyweights like Massachusetts or Maryland, the sector is growing significantly, while new collaborations among institutions – including MDIBL – are raising...

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2022 Student Fellow Photo Album

On August 5th, we said goodbye to our high school and undergraduate summer fellowship students. They presented their research projects at the two-day Summer Student Symposium, a culmination of the student’s hard work and learning over the past 10 weeks. Faculty, staff, friends and family came together to witness the success of the program and this year's talented cohort. Each student articulated a deeply impactful, positive, and fun experience in their talks and presentations. Several of the students in the 2022 cohort were returning for their second summer with MDIBL, and many more are looking forward to coming back in the future.

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Pilot project funding opportunity

The COBRE in Comparative Biology of Tissue Repair, Regeneration and Aging at MDIBL has released an FOA to support pilot project research on the topics of tissue repair, regeneration and aging as well as early-stage development of technologies that stimulate tissue repair and regeneration or improve the function of damaged tissues and organs. The aim is to support investigators to generate preliminary data that will lead to competitive applications for external funding.

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The Science of Cocktails: Kombucha-rita

The Science of Cocktails: Kombucha-rita Kombucha and fresh lime combine to make a delicious cocktail that is fizzy, tart and a tad sweet; read on to find out the health benefits of these two amazing ingredients. Made with a key ingredient nicknamed the “elixir of immortality,” this refreshing and effervescent cocktail could not be easier...

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